About Us

About Us

MEDİKARE DIALYSIS has been founded in September 1998 and with the years passed, it increased its capacity and is currently giving service to its customers in 3 dialysis centres.

We are aware of the fact that human is the most valuable of all creations and in the light of universal norms, we are working with an understanding focused on the happiness of both our patients and employees. By the experience and up to date scientific approach we obtained in years, we continue our way targeting the best all the times.

About Us

Quality Policy

Quality Management

To maintain Quality Management System (QMS) to be functional within the institution and make continuous quality improvement a corporate culture.

Patient Relations Management

By administering institutional resources at the most productive and effective way, meeting the needs of patients and become a highly demanded institution.

Market Management

By continuously monitoring the relations of our patients with public and private health institutions, trying to better the points to have probability with mutual agreement and resume our relationship with such institutions with an ever improving understanding.

Profit Management

By managing financial resources effectively and productively, resource allocation for investment and tending towards logical and profitable investments.

Management of Systems

By systematic management that focus on an understanding of preventive approach to meet the requirements of all of our stakeholders rapidly and reasonably and in whole; constituting and managing the management systems to obtain successful results in targeted institutional indications. By managing organisations, resources, processes and strategies led with an effective understanding of leadership in coherence, obtaining a successful performance.

Supply Management

With the organisations we supply goods and services, maintaining relationships that focus on reliability, sharing information, integration and mutual benefiting; improving our ability of value creating, having and advantage of competition with continuous relationships and creating synergy in terms of resources and costs. Sustainable improvement and presentation of our success oriented services based on the conditions of the time and most appropriate technology. For serving in a field such as human life with utmost significance, giving service by being acknowledged about the fact that our position requires a huge responsibility. Being aware of the fact that we are giving a service that is highly important for both our environment and society.

Our Mission

We exist in order to serve our renal failure patients requesting health service with quality standard reasonable and reliable dialysis service within the framework of patient oriented understanding we are supposed to comply with in terms of the related regulation.

Our Vision

To be a highly demanded centre in dialysis treatment which is; ever improving to give service in international standards, open to innovations, working ethically and scientifically with an institutional team.

İlke ve Değerlerimiz

  • Sağlık hizmetlerimizi evrensel tıbbi ve etik değerlerin bilincini ve sorumluluğunu taşıyarak sunmak.
  • Hastalarımızın ihtiyaç ve beklentilerine uygun hizmet sunmak.
  • Hastalarımızın ve çalışanlarımızın beklentilerine ve mutluluklarına odaklı hizmet anlayışı benimsemek.
  • Hastalarımızla, çalışanlarımızla, tedarikçilerimizle ve toplumumuzla ilke ve değerlerimiz çerçevesinde güven ortamı oluşturmak.
  • Takım ruhu içinde başarılarımızı takdir ederek, sorunların oluşmasına fırsat tanımamak, çıkabilecek sorunlarda ise çözüm odaklı davranmak.
  • Sağlık hizmetlerimizi, zamanında ve uyulması gereken tüm sağlık standardlarına uygun olarak, birbirimizi yücelterek ve destekleyerek başarıyla sunmak.
  • Başarıya odaklı sağlık hizmeti sunumumuzu, günün koşullarına uygun en gelişmiş teknolojiyle sürekli geliştirerek sunmak.
  • İnsan sağlığı gibi hayati bir öneme sahip bir alanda hizmet sunmaktan dolayı, büyük sorumluluk gerektiren bir konumda olduğumuzun bilincinde olarak hizmet vermek.
  • Çevre ve toplumumuzun için büyük öneme sahip bir hizmet sunduğumuzun bilincinde olmak.

Organizasyon Şeması

Organizasyon Şeması